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Business ventures rooted in emerging countries often lack access to the infrastructure necessary to scale quickly and successfully. Our Consulting and Learning Services are designed to position regional ventures as global players.
By leveraging the wide network of our professionals, we are able to offer tailored solutions to aid foreign-born enterprises and help them complete in previously untapped markets. Being prepared to enter new markets takes a strong ally who can facilitate a global market initiative by reducing the resource burden required to be successful.


Learning is a life-long process that encourages each of us to develop a unique set of skills and expertise that empowers our life. In this context, universities and colleges are facing new challenges in evolving their educational programs, pressured by the revolutionary role of new technologies in creating and sharing knowledge. We serve higher-education institutions that want to provide their students full immersion experiences in the real business world as part of their curriculum.


Sausalito Ventures is the bridge for incubators and accelerator programs aiming to enrich their offerings with a full immersion experience in the Silicon Valley, through the creation of learning and networking opportunities. We seek partners from around the world who want to build co-designed programs between their home country and the Bay Area that are able to unleash entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact.


The non-profit sector has been dramatically changing in the last few years, stimulated by the disruptive role of technology and the development of new hybrid business models.
At Sausalito Ventures, we believe that innovative businesses are a force for social change, and in support, we serve non-profit organizations and social enterprises in their strategic planning. Moreover, we foster relationships across sectors to build new synergies and help address global challenges.


At Sausalito Ventures we provide leading experiential programs for investors and executives, with a keen interest in capturing the true value of what the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. We seek eager foreign corporate executives, investors, limited partners, government officials and nonprofit executives managing innovation and entrepreneurship programs looking to connect with their peers in the Bay Area.


Investing means understanding both the opportunity and the risk involved. At Sausalito Ventures, we believe that the best investments are not only those with the highest financial return, but those in which investors and startups find a perfect alignment on a common vision.

• Investing in Latin America

Thanks to the experience and the network of our team, Sausalito Ventures is the Silicon Valley Partner transforming the Latin ventures into a proprietary high yield deal flow for US investors. We support our Partners in identifying talents that have already gained traction in the local/regional markets, and who believe that their solutions can extends competitively to the global market.

• Latin Business Intelligence

At Sausalito Ventures we are dedicated to researching the important factors required for doing business in Latin America, so institutional investors and corporate players can find strategic avenues for capitalizing on these emerging high yield markets.