Investing means understanding the opportunity and the risk involved. At Sausalito Ventures, we believe that the best investments are not only those with the highest financial return, but those in which investors and startups find a perfect alignment on a common vision.

Investing in Latin America
Thanks to the experience and the network of contacts of our Founding Partner, Sausalito Ventures is the Silicon Valley Partner transforming the Latin ventures into a proprietary high yield deal flow for the US investors. We support our Partners in identifying Talents that have already gained traction in the local/regional markets and that they expect their solution extends competitively to the global market.

Latin Business Intelligence
At Sausalito Ventures we are dedicated to researching the important factors required for doing business in Latin America, so institutional investors and corporate players can find strategic avenues for capitalizing on these emerging high yield markets. Our goal is to serve our network with the most accurate insight on:

  • Major trends in the changing economies of Latin America
  • Important news on the Socio-Political climate of Latin nations
  • Opportunities created from the rising middle class of Latin American
  • Strengths of human capital and competitiveness across the region
  • Foreign direct investment limitations and screening or approval mechanisms