The uniqueness of an innovation ecosystem lies on a dynamic interconnected network, involving startups, investors (angel, VC, debt and private equity), large companies, universities, and a range of the specialized services that support startups. Within this complex web, incubators and accelerators play an important role in serving and qualifying the entrepreneurial community.
Startup Incubators, Accelerator Programs and Co-Working Spaces are becoming the normality in all the cities with an entrepreneurial vocation. There two elements that can differentiate an incubation environment or an accelerator process: the quality of mentors, and the ability to connect startups with potential investors.

Sausalito Venture is the bridge for incubators and accelerators programs aiming to enrich their offer with a full immersion experience in the Silicon Valley, through the creation of learning and networking opportunities.

We seek partners from all around the world that want to build co-designed programs between their home country and the Bay Area able to unleash entrepreneurship, innovation and social impact.